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What makes a good 3d printer



I've been wondering this question for a while now.
And after seeing the Make magazine 2014 printer review I have more questions then answers. (I'm a mechanical engineer and it bothers me that I haven't found a clear answer to this question anywhere yet)I know there are hundreds more 3d printers out there that didn't get reviewed by Make magazine, but just looking at the ones that got reviewed, it seems like only a hand full ranked highly in most/all categories. Some of the other printers scored high in some test and low in others, while other printers had just the opposite kind of results.The electronics in the majority of the printers is the same arduino based boards, so that's not likely a contributor in the print quality.So it all boils down to the mechanical structure of the printer.What is important in the design of a great 3d printer? Rigidity of the frame? Minimal slop in x, y and z axis?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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